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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Upcoming Deal at Albertsons

It has been reported that beginning 8/7-8/23, Albertsons will be running a catalina deal and rebate offer with Kraft. Purchase $25 worth participating items, in a single transaction and you will receive a $5 catalina to use on your next purchase. A rebate form will also print that you can mail in for another $20. Go Here to learn more and to print a list of participating items.

Make sure you start collecting your coupons for the participating items and we will sit back and wait to see what sale Albertsons offers in conjunction with this catalina deal.

Leave a comment and let me know if you have any other information on this upcoming deal.

30% coupon for Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic

Go Here to print a coupon for 30% off at Gap, Banana Republic or Old Navy. Coupon is valid 7/30-8/2. This is just in time for Back to School shopping. You can use the coupon more than once.
Also, right now, Old Navy is offering an additional 50% all clearance items. This goes until Wednesday (7/29) at closing. My sister went today and scored on a ton of clothes for her little girl. Go Check it out!

Jell-o Coupon

Go Here to print a coupon for $.50/2 boxes of Jell-o Gelatin. Walmart always has these priced very low. Let me know what deals you find.

$.22 Pop Tarts at Target

I went to Target yesterday, the new one on N. Decatur and 215 and they had Pop Tarts priced at $1.52 for the 8 pack. There are coupons to print for the Blueberry Muffin flavor. Go Here to print $.75/1 Target Coupon and go Here to print $.55/1 manufacturer coupon. Pair these coupons together and get Pop Tarts for $.22 ea.

Great Deal! My kids really liked the flavor.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Free Chef Boyardee at Walmart

Go Here and login to print coupons for $1/1 Chef Boyardee. Walmart in Las Vegas currently has the cans of Chef Boyardee priced at $.88 ea. I went today and bought two cans. They gave me the $1 off for each coupon so I was able to use the overage for some of my other items.

Great Frugal Deal!

My Trip to Walmart

I went to Walmart yesterday and bought 8 packs of the Huggies Flushable Wipes with my coupons. Final Price = $.14 ea. Go Here to my previous post to find out how.

I also had them price match Walgreens Bic Highlighter price of $.49 and then I used my coupons and got 4 packs for FREE. Make sure you bring your Walgreens ad in order to do the price match, Go Here to my previous post to find out how.

Great day at Walmart. What deals have you found?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Huggies Flushable Wipes $.14

It has been reported that Huggies is changing their Cleanteam flushables wipes to Pull-ups flushable moist wipes. Walmart has the travel size package of the wipes (42 ct.) for $1.64 (located in the personal care section). Use the $3/2 coupon from 7/19 SS and you will pay $.14 ea.

I went to Walmart today and this is the correct price for Las Vegas. If you have the coupons, make sure you take advantage of this frugal deal!

Free Highlighters at Walgreens

Go HERE to print a coupon for $1 off any 2 BIC stationery products. Walgreens has 5 pack BIC highlighters on sale until Saturday for $.49 ea. Use this coupon and get them for free. You should be able to print this coupon twice. Just hit the back arrow. With both coupons you will score on 4 free packs of highlighters. Great deal!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Target School Supply Deals 7/19-7/25

96 sheet pack of 9x12" construction paper $.88 ea.

12-pack Crayola Colored pencils $.88 ea.

Composition Books $.50 ea.

2 pack Elmers glue sticks $.20 ea.

2 pack Pink Erasers $.20 ea.

Pencil sharpeners $.20 ea.

Rulers $.20 ea.

Walgreens Deals 7/19-7/25

Here are my Favorite Deals for this week:

Pilot G2 Pens $1 ea. Earn $1 RR

$.09 Items-Limit 12
2 Pocket Folders
Penway Highlighters
White Posterboard 22x28 in.

$.19 Items- Limit 6
Paper Mate Prism pens 10 pack
Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils 5 pack
Penway Flexible or Wooden Ruler
100 pack Acco paper clips
2 pocket Penway Poly folder with prongs

$.29 Items-
10 pack yellow pencils
2 pack pink erasers or 15 pack cap erasers

$.39 Items-
Penway poly binder
Penway Glue 4 oz.
Scotch Transparent Tape, 1/2x450in.

$.49 Items-
5 pack Bic Brite Liner Highlighters
24 pack Penway crayons or 8 pack jumbo crayons
school box

$.59 Items-
Scotch Mailers 4x7 or 10.5x15 in. or 7-10 pack clasp envelopes
Penway Dual Hole Sharpener
It's Academic Sharpender and Eraser combo

$.99 Items-
12 pack Crayola Colored pencils
3 subject Penway Notebook- 120 sheets
It's Academic Stretch Book Cover
Spangles Pencil Pouch
Penway Fabric Carry all pouch or 25 pack pencil/eraser set

Chicken of the Sea Chunk White Tuna $.89 ea. Limt 3 with in-ad coupon
Mentos Gum $.99 ea. Limit6 with in-ad coupon (Use $.55/1 coupon from 5/3 SS or 6/21 SS)
Goldfish Crackers $.99 ea.
Dawn liquid dish soap, 10.3 oz. Limit 2 with in-ad coupon (Use $.20/1 coupon from 7/5 P&G)
Bic Comfort 3 disposable razors $2.99 ea. (Use $2/1 coupon from 7/19 SS)
Kleenex 90-110 ct. $.89 ea. with in-ad coupon (Use $.50/3 coupon from 7/12 SS)
Chinet Paper Plates B1G1 Free (Price $2.99 ea.) (Try using 2 $1/1 coupons from 6/28 SS)

CVS Deals 7/19-7/25

Here are my favorite Freebies this week:

3 Day Sale (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday Only- After Tuesday, no ECB's)
Papermate Pens 10 ct. $.99 ea. Earn $.99 Limit 2
Caliber or CVS filler paper 150 sheet $2.00 ea. Earn $2.00 Limit 2
Caliber or CVS memo book 50-80 sheets $.99 ea. Earn $.99 Limit 2
Caliber or CVS No. 2 Pencils 24 ct. $1.99 ea. Earn $1.99 Limit 2
1" Vinyl Binder $3.00 ea. Earn $3.00 Limit 2
Weekly Deals
CVS Pantiliners 22 ct. $.89 ea. Earn $.89 Limit 1

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Walgreens 7/12-7/18

My Favorite Deals for this week:

Buy 2 Coopertone Products, receive $10 RR. Go HERE to print a coupon for $5/1 Coopertone Nutrashield. Print it twice.

Spend $20 on Huggies or Kotex products and receive $5 RR. Or Spend $15 on Huggies and Kotex products and receive $3 RR. Sale includes:

Huggies Diapers and Pull-ups $10 ea.
Huggies Wipes (64-72 ct.) $2.50 ea.
Use $2/1 Huggies Pull-ups Coupon HERE
Use $.50/1 Huggies Wipes Coupon HERE
Use 3/1 Huggies Pull-ups Coupon HERE for Internet Explorer or HERE for FireFox

Kotex $3 ea.
Use $1/1 Kotex coupon HERE
or $1/1 Kotex from 6/14 SS

Real Simple Magazine Subscription $5

Go HERE to purchase a year subscription to Real Simple magazine for $5 (through amazon) including FREE shipping. I really love this magazine.

Thanks for the tip, Rachel!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

CVS Deals 7/12-7-18

Here are my favorite CVS deals for this week:

3 Day Sale (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) after Tuesday,

no extra care bucks on these items

Caliber or CVS school glue 5 oz. $.99 ea. Earn $.99 ECB (Limit 2)

Paper Mate grip pens 8 ct. $.99 ea. Earn $.99 ECB (Limit 2)

Caliber or It's Academic 5" pointed or blunt tip scissors $2.99 ea. Earn $2.99 ECB (Limit 2)

Caliber or CVS 12" plastic or wood ruler $.99 ea. Earn $.99 ECB (Limit 2)

Caliber or CVS 1 subject notebook 70-80 sheets $.99 ea. Earn $.99 ECB (Limit 2)

Portfolios- 2 pocket $.05 ea.


Tylenol Arthritis or 8 hour 20-24 ct. $3.99 ea. Earn $3.00 ECB (Limit 3) Use $2/1 Tylenol arthritis coupon from 5/17 RP

Gillette Fusion manual or power razor $7.99 ea. Earn $4.00 ECB (Limit 1) Use $4/1 coupon from 6/7 P& G

Friday, July 10, 2009

FREE Bottled Water at Walmart

Go HERE to print a coupon for $1/1 Nestle Pure Life bottled water multipack. Walmart has the Pure Life 6 packs of water for $1 ea. Use the coupon and you have FREE bottled water. You should be able to print two coupons. I went today and bought two (6) packs of water. What a fantastic, frugal find!

Frugal Find from a Frugal Friend

Click HERE to receive a coupon for a FREE BBQ Bacon Cheddar Roastburger with any soft drink purchase. Coupon Valid until July 13th.

Thanks, Kristie!


I found this email on another blog and I wanted to spread the word. Please Read!

"I recently emailed Albertsons asking them why it seems Albertsons in Southern California never puts out “Doublers” as they seem to do almost monthly in places like Idaho. I was bothered, because in this economy we ALL are suffering, and living in Southern California where the cost of living is pretty high, I would really LOVE to get in on some of the deals that A Thrifty Mom gets!!I’m sure YOU would too!!

I found out why Albertsons in So Cal doesn’t double… “no demand.”Huh??(I disagree with that statement)It has to do with the fact that, although Albertsons are all owned by the same company (save for Northern Ca.) each Division is run as if it were a separate company.

The only way to get Double Coupons in So Cal and Nev. would be for customers to CALL and/or
EMAIL/WRITE Corporate and demand (request may be a nicer word…)that they bring the Doublers to Southern California/Nevada(since we are definitely hurting from this economy slump…)The flip side would be if they WERE to print the Doublers, people would actually HAVE TO USE THEM!Or Albertsons in So Cal/Nevada will again stop printing them.

I was wondering if you would be willing to help me get the word out?If we can get enough people requesting them for the Southern California/Nevada Region Albertsons WILL LISTEN! I spoke with the woman in charge of the So Cal/Nev region personally, and this was her suggestion.

To get the word out to as many people as possible, and have them either write in, email in, or call in requesting Double Coupon Deals!! She also assured me that she would “look into” the matter, especially now that the economy has changed for the worse recently… Any help would be great!!
Here is their contact info:

Thanks, A Frugal Mommy! We will do our best to spread the word. We would love to receive "doublers" in Nevada!!!

FREE True Blue Spa Item

Click HERE to print a coupon for a Free True Blue Spa Item ($15 value) with a $15 purchase at Bath and Body Works. Coupon valid until August 2nd.
Thanks, Rachel!

FREE Portrait Package at Picture People

Go HERE to print a coupon for a FREE portrait package at the PICTURE PEOPLE. We have had our kids pictures taken at the PICTURE PEOPLE and really like them. The package includes:



8- wallet size photos

FREE Chili Dog or Ice Cream cone

Go to Wienerschnitzel on July 14th from 5pm-8pm to receive an original Chili Dog or small Ice Cream cone for FREE. Click HERE to find a location nearest you!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

FREE Hinckley DVD offer from Living Scriptures

Click HERE to receive a FREE Hinckley 2 DVD family gift pack from Living Scriptures. This includes: Journey to the Promise Land DVD and The Trek West DVD and a 48 page family home evening and activity book and 8 animated Book of Mormon character magnets. Shipping is also FREE.

Target Clearance

Yesterday, I went to Target to take advantage of all the great Kashi Deals and I noticed that they had all their patio furniture marked down 75% off. WOW!!
They have also marked down a lot of toys. If you are need of toys or patio furniture, head on over to Target.

FREE Sobe Life Water at Target

It has been reported that Target is running a gift card deal on Sobe Life Waters.
Buy 10 Sobe Life Waters ($1 ea.).
Use 5 (you will need multiple computers) Buy One Get One Free Coupons.
Pay $5 Out of Pocket and receive a $5 Gift Card.

Leave me a comment and let me know if this deal is working in Las Vegas. To find out if any item is running a gift card deal, scan it at the price scanner machine.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Possible Walgreens Deal Next Week

It has been reported that next week Walgreens will be running a Register Rewards (RR) deal on Coppertone Nutrashield Sunscreen. Buy 2 Coppertone Nutrashield Sunscreens receive $10 RR. It has been reported that the prices start at $10.99. Go HERE to print a coupon for $5/1. Print it twice. If this is an item you might want to buy or a deal you might want to take advantage of, print the coupon now. You never know if the company will pull the coupon or if they will reach the print limit. Then we will sit back and wait until Sunday and see if Las Vegas is lucky enough to receive this deal.

Another Target Deal

Here is another Target deal I found today:

Bounty Basics Paper Towel, single rolls $.99 ea.

Use $.50/1 Target coupon from the 6/21 SS

Use $.25/1 coupon from 6/7 P&G or 7/5 P&G

Final Price =$.24 ea.

Dreyers Individual Ice Cream Cups $1.19 ea.

Use $1/1 Target Printable HERE

Final Price =$.19 ea.

My kids were very excited to get this little treat to eat on the way home from our Target trip!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kellogg's $10 Fuel for School Rebate

Kellogg's Fuel for School rebate is here! Purchase 10 participating Kellogg's products between July 6, 2009 and September 30, 2009 and send in the rebate form and you'll receive a $10 rebate check plus a $70 coupon code from Dell.

The participating Kellogg's products are:
-any Kellogg's Cereal (10 oz. or larger)
-any Keebler or Austin Product (8 oz. or larger)
-any Sunshine Product (8 oz. or larger)
-any Eggo Product (4 ct. or larger)
-any Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Cereal Bar (8 ct. or larger)
-any Kellogg's Special K Cereal Bar (8 ct. or larger)
-any Kellogg's Pop-Tarts Toaster Pastries (8 ct. or larger)
-any Kellogg's Reice Krispies Treats Squares (8 ct. or larger)
-any Kellogg's Fruit Flavored Snacks (6 ct. or larger)
-any MorningStar Farms Veggie Foods Product (5 oz. or larger)
-any 100 Calorie Right Bites (6 ct. or larger)

Click HERE to sign-up for a new account with Kellogg's or logging in to your account and then print your rebate form. All 10 items must be purchased in the same transaction and you must send in the UPC symbols, the rebate form, and the original register receipt.
Watch for upcoming deals to make this even sweeter!

Here's one way you can currently turn this rebate into a money-maker:
Target is still offering the Eggo Bakeshop items for $1.50 each. Go HERE to my previous post to see where you can print multiple coupons for $1/1.

Monday, July 6, 2009

FREEcation for Nevada Residents until July 9th

Primm Valley Resorts is offering a FREEcation to Nevada Residents until July 9th. SO HURRY!. It includes:

2 FREE nights stay
2 FREE All day attraction passes
$50 in FREE slot play
2 FREE drinks at the Tree Bar
2 for 1 Breakfast Buffet
2 for 1 Lunch Buffet
2 for 1 Dinner Buffet
2 for 1 Golf
Complimentary appetizer at GP’s Steakhouse

Go HERE to book your FREEcation!!

Thanks, Kym!!

FREE Redbox code

FREE Redbox code for Today (July 7th) Free Code is:


To use the code: click "rent with promo" on the first screen. Then select your movie, swipe your debit or credit card (you have to swipe a card in case you return the DVD late) They will put a $1 charge on your card to hold the DVD. When you return it tomorrow by 9pm, the charge will be removed.

You can use this code one time per debit/credit card. You must return the DVD by 9 pm tomorrow so that you can avoid a fee.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kashi Deals at Target 7/5-7/11

Target just released their new set of printable coupons. Most of the coupons are for Kashi products and this week they are on sale. YEAH!! The cereal is the only product advertised in the weekly ad but it has been reported that the cereal bars are also on sale. Let me know any one can confirm this. Here are the coupon match-ups I have found. Let me know if you find any others.

Kashi Cereal ($2.66 ea.) USE $1.50/1 HERE and $.50/1 Target Printable HERE or B1G1 Target Printable HERE

Kashi Cereal Bars ($2.50 ea. ?) USE $1.50/1 HERE and $1/2 Target Printable HERE

Kashi Frozen Waffles ($1.97 ea.) USE $1.50/1 HERE and $.25/1 Target Printable HERE

CVS Deals 7/5-7/11

Here are the FREEBIES this week:

Caliber or CVS transparent or invisible tape $1.49 Earn $1.49 in ECB's Limit 3 (Sun. & Mon. Only)

Caliber or CVS brand pencils 10 pack or double blade pencil sharpener $.99 Earn $.99 in ECB's Limit 3

CVS brand pantiliners 22 ct. $.89 Earn $.89 in ECB's Limit 1

Other Deals:

Pringles $1 ea. ( Use $1/2 coupon from 6/28 RP)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lindsay Olives at Walgreens

Lindsay Olives are on sale at Walgreens for $.99 ea. with in-ad coupon. (Price valid until Saturday - Limit 3.) Go HERE to print a coupon for $1/2. Final Price = $.49 ea. GREAT DEAL!

CVS 7/5-7/11

Here is a preview of some Freebies coming up at CVS next week. Some of these deals are only available Sunday and Monday, so make sure you watch the dates.

Caliber or CVS transparent or invisible tape $1.49 Earn $1.49 in ECB's Limit 3 (Sun. & Mon. Only)

Caliber or CVS brand pencils 20 pack or double blade pencil sharpener $.99 Earn $.99 in ECB's Limit 3

CVS brand pantiliners 22 ct. $.89 Earn $.89 in ECB's Limit 1

Watch for more exciting FREEBIES at CVS in the upcoming weeks, especially on school supplies.

Possible Free Milk Catalina at Vons

It has been reported that Vons is running an unadvertised Catalina deal until July 7th. Buy 3 BIG G General Mills cereals in a single transaction and receive a Catalina at checkout for $4.50 off your next milk purchase. Right now they have some General Mills cereal priced at 3/$6. Go Here to print coupons and go HERE to load electronic coupons on your card.
Let me know if anyone can confirm if this deal is working in Las Vegas.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Banana Boat Sunscreen

We just ran out of sunscreen and with 4th of July this weekend, I need to stock up. Smith's has Banana Boat sunscreen on sale for 50% off. Go HERE to print a coupon for $2/1. Remember you can print it twice.

Kraft/Nabisco Coupon Booklet

Go Here to sign-up for a coupon booklet from Kraft/Nabisco. It is full of $55 worth of coupons on items we will want to stock up on before school starts.