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Saturday, November 6, 2010

FREE Pasta and Cream Soups at Smiths

Until Tuesday, Smith's is running there Mega 10 event. Buy 10 participating items, receive $5 off instantly. You can purchase more than one group of 10 in a transaction. I usually buy 30 or 40 items at once. Just make sure the correct amount is deducted. During this promo, you can stock up on a lot of food for FREE or cheap.

Campbell's Cream of Mushroom or Cream of Chicken Soup $.49 with promo. Use $1.50/3 coupon here to make them FREE.

American Beauty Quick Cook Pasta $.49 with promo. Use $.55/1 coupon from 10/3 SS or $.50/1 coupon here. Also be on the look out for $.50/1 peelie coupons on the box. Final Price FREE.

Campbell's Chunky or Select Harvest Soup $.99 with promo. Use $1/2 or $1.50/3 coupon here to make it $.49 ea. Great Stock up Price!

Stove Top Stuffing $.75 with promo. Use $1/2 coupon here to make it $.25 ea. ( I was only able to print one coupon from this site. If you hit the back arrow, it prints another page that says you have exceeded your limit.) Final Price $.25 ea.

Colgate Wave Toothbrush $1.00 with promo. Use $1/1 coupon here to make them FREE.

These were the items that I stocked up on! There are a lot of other great items. Go to CallingallSuperSavers for a complete list.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

$3/1 Nivea Mens Bodywash coupon

Go here to print a coupon for $3/1 Nivea Mens body wash. Most stores have this body wash priced at around $3 so we should be able to get this for FREE. Remember you can print the coupon twice per computer, just hit the back arrow.

Toy Story 3 DVD/BlueRay coupon

I just wanted to let you all know about a great coupon for Toy Story 3 DVD/Blue Ray that was released today. Go here to print a coupon for $8/1. There are also two rebate offers when you buy the movie.

Campbell's is offering a $5 rebate here when you buy the movie and 3 Children's condensed soups or Spaghettios. There is a coupon for $1/3 soups here.

There is also a $5 Rayovac Rebate when you buy the movie and Rayovac batteries. Go here for the details and rebate form.

Many stores have good deals on this movie. Let me know where you get the best deal. Have Fun!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

FREE 8x10 Collage at Walgreens

Walgreens is offering a FREE 8x10 Collage Print using code 8x10TREAT at checkout. This deal is valid until 10/23/10. Use pick up in store option to avoid shipping charges.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Arrowhead Water Deal

Arrowhead Aquapod 8 packs of water (11 oz. ea) are on sale at Albertson's for $.99. When you buy 3 packs you will receive a catalina for $2 off your next purchase. If you have the $.75/1 coupon from the 8/29 RP this will be a money maker. Remember you can roll the catalina into another transaction so the second time you will pay $1 for 3 packs and earn another $2. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Walgreens Money Maker and Free Lotion

Here are two of my favorite Walgreens deals this week:

Hylands Cold and Cough Homeopathic Medicine $4.99 ea. Use $1.50/1 coupon here. Final Price $3.50 earn a $5 RR. MONEYMAKER!!

Vaseline Sheer Infusion lotion $5.99. Use $1/1 coupon here. Final Price $4.99 earn a $5 RR. FREE!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

FREE Cool Whip, Hot Dogs and Cheese

Today at Albertson's I was able to get 20 packs of Kraft Cheese, 6 packs of Oscar Mayer hot dogs, and 4 Cool Whips for FREE. Albertson's is running a Kraft promo until Tuesday. Buy 5 participating items, receive a $5 catalina and Kraft will give 5 meals to FEEDING AMERICA. When you buy your first 5 items, you will receive a $5 catalina, then use that catalina on your next transaction, and so on. This is called rolling. Here is what I did:

#1 Deal scenario
4 Hotdogs $1.50 ea. Use (2) $1/2 from 8/22 SS or Here. Final Price $1 ea.
1 Cool Whip $1.00 ea.

Pay $5 oop and Receive $5 catalina

#2 Deal Scenario
5 Kraft Cheese $2 ea. Use (1) $5/5 Kraft Cheese coupon here. Final Price $1 ea.
Use $5 Catalina.

Pay $0 oop, Receive $5 catalina.

#3 Deal Scenario
5 Cool Whip $1 ea.
Use $5 Catalina

Pay $0 oop, Receive $5 catalina.
When you are done you will still have a $5 catalina to spend on anything. YEAH!

Get to Albertson's and get some FREE food. Good Luck!

Thanks Calling All Super Savers for the tips and coupon links.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

$.15 Notebooks at Target FULL of COUPONS

Here is a quick note about the $.15 spiral notebooks at Target. (scan the notebooks to make sure they are still on sale for $.15)The Tops brand notebooks have a circle on the front that say over $5 worth of Target coupons inside. The back page of the notebook is FULL of coupons for Target. These coupons do not expire until 10/31. There are coupons for Kellogg's cereal, Dannon yogurt, Quaker products, Frito Lay snack packs, Tide, razors and more. There are a few different groups of the coupons, so make sure to look for the set that you want. If you don't need these notebooks for yourself, this is a great time to donate them to a school near you.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Springs Preserve- Kids get in FREE in August

During the month of August, Springs Preserve is offering FREE admission to all local children ages 17 and under. All kids accompanied by an adult will be admitted FREE to Springs Preserve and ALL of its attractions.

You can also go here to print a $2 off NV resident adult general admission. With the coupon admission will be $7.95 for an adult. Go here to learn more about Springs Preserve and to get directions.

Happy Summer!
(Picture courtesy of Springs Preserve)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Smith's Coupon Event AGAIN!

Starting today, Smiths is having another Coupon Event. The event runs today through Saturday. Any coupon under $1 will be worth $1. So here is what I have bought so far,

10 Crest Toothpaste FREE
2 Safe Guard hand soap
3 Soft Soap $.07 ea.
8 Powerade $.19 ea.
2 Bounty Paper Towel $.09 ea.
1 Dawn Hand Renewal Dish Soap $.49

Most of the coupons I used were in the P& G inserts. The Powerade coupons were a tearpad that I got at the store a while back. The soft soap coupons are here.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

$.50/1 Goldfish Cracker coupon

Go here to print a coupon for $.50/1 Goldfish crackers. I have been able to get Free Goldfish lately with the coupon events that Smith's and Albertson's have had recently. You should be able to print two per computer if you hit the back arrow. You must enter your email address to print the coupon.

Thanks, Money Saving mom!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Smith's Coupon Event

Smith's coupon event will end tomorrow (Tuesday) night. I have been able to get a lot of free and really inexpensive items during this promotion. My cupboards are getting fuller and fuller. If you haven't been to Smith's yet, I encourage you to. Even if you don't receive the newspaper with coupon inserts, there are a lot of printable coupons that you can use to receive free pasta, relish, hand soap, Sunny Delight etc. In addition to these items, I purchased the Bounty paper towel, Dial hand soap, Ivory bar soap, Ol El paso refriend beans and much more.

Calling all Super Savers here in Vegas has put together a great list that she keeps updated with all the deals for this coupon event. Go there and check out the list.

Also, go through your own coupons and see if you have any other coupons that you have collected. My sister was able to get 27 boxes of pasta for FREE using coupons she had gathered at Albertson's a few months back.

Enjoy and Happy Saving!

Vegas Frugal Blogs

I started this blog because I wanted to share my frugal deals with my family and friends. It seemed like they would call me each week and ask me what was on sale or what I was purchasing at certain stores. Creating a blog was an easy way for me to share that information with all of my family members quickly. I am very lucky to have almost our entire extended family on my side and my husband's side living in Las Vegas. ( My brother and his wife recently moved away but we are hoping they will move back once they are finished with school. Crossing Fingers!)
I also wanted to share deals that are specific to Las Vegas. There are so many fabulous blogs out there from all over the country but the deals and pricing do not always reflect Las Vegas. In doing this blog, I have discovered other Vegas frugal blogs that are fantastic. I have each blog that I am aware of, listed on the side of my blog. If you haven't taken a chance to check out these other blogs, I encourage you to. They are wonderful. I love being able to share with you frugal deals to help your families budget stretch farther. Thanks for always supporting me. Lets keep on saving!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Smith's Coupon Event

Smith's is running a coupon event from now until Tuesday, June 29th. All Manufacturer coupons that are under $1, are now worth $1. If you have a coupon for $.10, $.25 or $.50 etc, they will now be $1. YEAH!

I went this morning and got quite a few items. Good Luck!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Albertson's Double the Value Coupons

Today while I was shopping at Albertson's I noticed that they had new store coupon booklets. The booklets are valid until 6/15. On the back page of each booklet, there are two Double the Value coupons. You can use two per shopping trip. They will double any manufacturer coupon up to $1. So if you have a coupon for $1, they will make it $2. YEAH!

I have already gone a couple of times to buy a few items with my doublers and I am planning to go back many more times. Let me know what deals you come up.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

$.22 Shout Stain Remover at Target

Target has Shout stain remover priced at $1.97. Go here to print a $1/1 Shout Target coupon and go here to print $.75/1 manufacturer coupon. Final Price $.22 ea.

I went today and bought 4. All of the coupons went through great.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

FREE 40 oz. Heinz Ketchup at Walmart

Walmart has Heinz Ketchup (40 oz.) on Rollback for $1 ea. In this weeks Albertsons ad, there is a manufacturer coupon on the back page for $1.00/1 Heinz Ketchup (40 oz.) Use this coupon at Walmart and you have FREE ketchup.

I went today and was able to get two for FREE. My sister gave me her ad, thanks Kira! If you want more than one, ask your friends and neighbors if you can have their ad, unless they want some FREE ketchup too!

Kids Aquafresh $.14 at Target

Target has Kids Aquafresh priced at $1.64. Use this $1.00/1 coupon for Kids Aquafresh and this $.50/1 Target coupon for any Aquafresh toothpaste to get it for $.14 ea.

I went today and bought two.

Thanks, The Krazy Coupon Lady!

*UPDATE- It looks like the link for the $1/1 Kids Aquafresh is not working. They might have pulled the coupon or their might be too many people trying to get the coupon at once. Try again later and let me know if you can print it. Thanks!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Smith's Coupon Event 5/16-5/18

I was able to buy all of this for $2.32. Smith's is holding a Coupon Event today and tomorrow. Every coupon is worth $1. If you have a $.25 coupon they will make it worth $1, if you have a $.50 they will make it $1. Here is what I bought:

1 Bounty Basics paper towel ( I already opened it) $.09 with coupon ($.25/1 PG 5/2)
3 Texas Toast Croutons $.29 ea. with coupons ($.50/1 SS 3/21)
5 Dial Bar Soap 2 pks. FREE with coupons ($.35/1 RP 3/7)
3 Dial Liquid Hand soap $.29 with coupons ($.35/1 RP 3/7)
4 Wacky Mac Pasta $.25 with coupons ($.50/1 SS 5/16)
2 Mentos Gum FREE + $.11 overage on each (.55/1 SS 4/25 or SS 2/21)

Good Luck and let me know what deals you come up with.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vons Deal

$7.21 total out of pocket! Plus I earned a $3 catalina that I will use to purchase more corn flakes tomorrow. (The catalina deal is on Kellogg's cereal and ends tomorrow 5/14).

Classico Pasta deal:
Buy 2 Classico pasta sauce $2 ea. Recieve 2 Safeway pasta FREE. You can use the $1/2 coupon here. The coupons I used are no longer available. Final Price would be $3 for 2 jars of sauce and 2 boxes of pasta.

Cornflakes Deal:
Buy 4 in a single transaction and they will be $1 ea. Use(2) $1/2 coupons here, here, or here. Earn a $3 catalina. Final Price would be $2 for 4 boxes of corn flakes and you will earn $3 catalina (catalina deal ends Friday 5/14)

Golden Grahams Deal:
Buy 4 in a single transaction and they will be $1.50 ea. Use(2) $1.50/2 coupon here. Final Price would be $3.00 for 4 boxes of Golden Grahams.

Vons is having a buy 4 Receive $4 off deal on cereal. There are many varieties included.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Walmart Deals

White Cloud 4 pack double rolls toilet paper $2 ea. used $1.25/1 coupon here. = $.75 ea.
(Note: This coupon will print three times per computer)

Carefree Liners $1 ea. used $1/1 coupon 4/25 SS = FREE

Bic Twin Set Disposable Razors $.97 ea. used $2/1 3/28 SS = $1.03 overage

California Pizza Kitchen for One $2 ea. used $1/1 5/2 SS = $1 ea.

Red Baron Pizza by the Slice $3 ea. used $2/1 coupon here when you become a fan = $1 ea.
(Note: there is also a rebate in 4/25 ss for up to $3.99, this would then be a money maker)

Thanks, Calling All Super Savers for the deal ideas and Keeping the Kingdom First for the White Cloud coupon!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

$2.52 Smith's Shopping Trip!

Here is what I bought today at Smith's for $2.52 oop. It would have only cost me a few cents but I got distracted and forgot to add instant potatoes to one of my transactions. Oh, well! I can handle $2.52 plus I earned another $3 catalina, so I still made money on the deal. I am not going to break all the transactions for you because I did quite a few. Here is what I got:

8 Quaker Oatmeal True Delights
1 Reg. Quaker Oatmeal
4 Stride Gum
1 Huggies Baby Wipe tub
1 box Cinnamon Life Cereal
12-15 Betty Crocker Instant Potato pouches ( I forgot to count before I put them away)

Smiths and Albertson's are both running Quaker Deals this week. Both deals are buy 5 participating items, pay $5 ($1 ea.) Smiths has Quaker cereal and oatmeal. Albertson's has Quaker cereal, oatmeal, granola bars and Aunt Jemima pancake mix. The True Delights oatmeal is part of the deal at Smiths. i did not find this variety at Albertsons. The Smiths on Durango/Elkhorn did not have the blueberry flavor so I went to a different Smith's location to get what I wanted. You might want to call around. I was able to get all my oatmeal free today with the following coupons.

$1/1 True Delights Oatmeal here and here
$1/1 Quaker Instant or Quick or Rolled oats here ( you have to create your day experience to be able to print the coupon)

Another Note: The Betty Crocker Instant Potato catalina is still running until April 18th. Learn more here. The pouches of potatoes are now on sale for $.84 ea. Buy 3, pay $2.52 earn a $3 catalina. Then you have overage to use on your next transaction. I bought a group of 3 potatoes with each of my transactions today so that it would eat up my total. How many of you have been able to stock up on potatoes? The stores I have been to recently are restocked, so if you haven't been able to get any, try again.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Soft Scrub Cleaner $.49-$.79 ea. at Target

Target has the new Soft Scrub Kitchen and Soft Scrub Bathroom cleaner priced at $3.49 or $3.79 depending on which store you go to. I was able to find it for $3.49 at the Target by the Meadows mall.

Go here to print a $2/1 manufacturer coupon. You must become a member first and then log in to print your coupon. If you don't become a member you can only print a $1/1 coupon.

Then print the $1/1 Target coupon here.

I bought one bathroom and one kitchen cleaner and I really like them.

Friday, April 2, 2010

FREE Betty Crocker Potatoes at Smith's

Right now, Smith's has a catalina deal running on Betty Crocker instant potatoes now through 4/18. When you buy 3 instant potatoes you will receive a catalina for $3.00 (Catalinas can be used to purchase anything in the store, just like cash). So here is what you need to do: (NO COUPONS NECESSARY, YEAH!)

Buy 3 Betty Crocker Instant Potato pouches $.99 ea.
Pay $2.97 out of pocket
Earn $3 Catalina

Buy 3 Betty Crocker Instant Potato pouches $.99 ea.
Total $2.97 Pay with $3 Catalina = FREE
Earn $3 Catalina

There are coupons available here, here and here for $.40/1.
If you use these, it is a moneymaker deal!

You can keep rolling this transaction. When you are done, you can use your last $3 catalina on something else that you need at the store. Please don't clear the store shelves. Leave some for everyone. Good Luck!

By the way, isn't my son adorable. He wanted to be in the picture.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Toy Story 1 & 2 Blue Ray/DVD Combos $1.99 ea.

Look what I bought for $1.99 ea. at Target!! Yes, that is right! I bought Toy Story 1 and Toy Story 2 Blue-ray/ DVD Combo's for $1.98 ea. plus inside each is a free ticket to see Toy Story 3 in Theatres June 3rd. YEAH!!!

Here is what you do. Tomorrow (Saturday) is your last day to take advantage of this great offer. Go to disneymovierewards and create an account, if you don't already have one. Then enter these two codes. 786936294507 and 786936294521. You will be directed to print a $10 off coupon for each DVD. Print both coupons. Then take the Toy's R Us ad from the Sunday newspaper to Target and price match the DVD to the $16.99 price. When you buy both Toy Story 1 and 2 together you will automatically receive another $10 off your total.

Price Match Toy Story 1 = $16.99
Price Match Toy Story 2 = $16.99
Total $33.98
Receive $10 off automatically
Total $23.98
Minus $10/1 Toy Story 1 Coupon
Minus $10/1 Toy Story 2 coupon

Final Price =$3.98 for both!!! YEAH!!!

Let me know how you do.

Thanks, Las Vegas on a Dime for the tip!

Battleship Game $2 at Target

Last night my oldest son and I went to Target and scored on Battleship for $2. He was so excited to play with his brothers that he opened it before he asked me if it was a gift for someone. At that price, I can by one for us and some for a gift.

Here is the deal. Target has Battleship on sale for $9 ea. until Saturday. Use the $4/1 coupon here and the $3/1 Target coupon here. Final Price = $2 ea.

The Target at Buffalo and Skypointe was all out so I went to the Target on Cheyenne. Good Luck!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

$3/1 Huggies Diaper Coupons

Huggies has released $3/1 diaper coupons in 3 different locations. You should be able to print two coupons per location. Go here, here and here to print. What a great coupon!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

$.44 Dove Hair care at Target

Target has the Dove Shampoo and Conditioner priced at $3.44 ea. Use the $2/1 coupon here and the $1/1 Target coupon here.

I just went tonight to buy mine.

Smith's Shopping Trip

Here is what I bought today for $9.50.

1 Sunny Delight $.79
1 Old Orchard Healthy Blend Grape Juice $1.67 used $.50/1 coupon attached to bottle =$1.17
1 loaf Nature's own Whole Wheat Bread $1.89
3 (5 lb.) Gold Medal Flour $1.50 ea. used $.75/1 coupons previously available =$.75 ea.

Here are the items I purchased as part of the March Madness sale- Buy 8 participating items, receive $4 off instantly. (prices reflect discount)

1 box Chicken in a Biskit crackers $1.79 used $1/1 coupon from 1/24 SS =$.79
2 Bumblee Bee Albacore Tuna Pouches $.49 used $.55/1 coupon from 2/21 SS= FREE+ overage
2 Ken's Salad Dressings $1.49 used $1/1 coupon from 3/7 SS= $.49 ea.
2 boxes Ronzoni Whole Grain Pasta $.75 used $1/2 coupon here. = $.25 ea.
9 boxes Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta $.75 used $.75/1 coupons from here and here. = FREE

You should be able to print 4 off the $.75/1 Smart Taste Pasta coupons from each computer (2 per site).

Note: I have heard that you can only purchase 3 groups of 8 participating items per transaction to get the discount. I only did 2 groups today.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

FREE Kids Toothpaste and AirWick I motion at Target

Here is what I bought today at Target for FREE:

2 Air Wick I motion Starter kits on temporary price cut for $6.00
Used $5/1 from 3/7 SS and $1/1 Target coupon here.

2 Kids Crest Toothpaste on temporary price cut for $1.49.
Used $1/1 coupon from a sample at the doctor's office and $1/1 Target coupon here.

There is also a $.50/1 Kids Crest Toothpaste coupon in the 2/7 PG.

I love a FREE shopping trip to Target!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Princess and the Frog DVD Only $.99

Here is the deal scenario to get Disney's Princess and the Frog for $.99:
Buy the DVD at Target for $15.99
Use this coupon for $5/1 here.
Pay $10.99 out of pocket

Submit for the $5.00 Bandaid Rebate here.
Then Submit for the $5.00 Frogtape Rebate here. (I guess this tape is not sold in Vegas)
There is another $5.00 Success Rebate here.
Final Price = $.99
Good Luck!
Thanks, Hip2save!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

HOT Fruit Snacks Deal at Albertson's

**UPDATE- Last day to take advantage of this HOT fruit snacks deal.

Albertson's has Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks on EXTREME Buy for $1 ea. When you buy 5 in one transaction, you will receive a catalina for $3.50 off your next purchase (remember you can use this catalina to buy anything). Well here is what I did to score on a lot of fruit snacks.

Transaction #1
I bought 5 boxes of fruit snacks $1 ea. (Total $5)
Used(2) $.50/2 coupons here, here, here, here or here.
(Print as many as you can to take advantage of this crazy deal)

Total out of pocket $4 and earned a $3.50 catalina

Transaction #2
I bought 5 boxes of fruit snacks $1 ea. (Total $5)
Used (2) $.50/2 coupons
Used $3.50 Catalina

Total out of pocket $.50 and earned another $3.50 catalina

I kept repeating this until I was out of coupons. Then I used my last $3.50 catalina on a few other things I needed. This is definitely a deal you want to take advantage of if you ever buy fruit snacks.

Good Luck!

Target Deals

Here are a few of the deals I have got at Target this week:

Del Monte Fruit Chillers are on temporary price cut until 3/13. Each Target has them priced differently. (Skypointe is $1.83 and Decatur/215 is $1.77) I went to the store on Decatur.

Use $1/1 coupon here and here. You should be able to print two at each site.

Dentyne Big Packs are on clearance for $2.08. If they are not marked, scan them. Some stores are marked and some are not.

Use $1.50/1 coupon from 2/28 SS.

GE Lightbulbs (4 pack) on sale for $2.00 (make sure you get the reveal not the reveal Long Life)
Use $1.50/1 Target coupon here (print 2)
and a $1/2 Manufacturer coupon here.

Final Price = FREE Lightbulbs. YEAH!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

HOT DEAL on Huggies Wipes

Hurry on over to CVS for a great deal on Huggies Refill Packs of Wipes (up to 216 ct.) They are ringing up at $2.50 ea. WOW! I just went and bought some. They are not marked so make sure that you go to one of the price checker machines and scan them to make sure they are ringing up at this price.

If you have any coupons to use on top of these that is just icing on the cake. Some people are reporting that when they scan there CVS card they are receiving a coupon for $2/1 Huggies Wipes, but I did not get that coupon. I was able to use a few $1/1 Huggies coupons that I received in the Vons coupon packet I told you about last month. With our without coupons this is a GREAT price on Huggies. I love Huggies wipes and I haven't had them for quite a while since I have so many of the Free Target Wipes. Let me know if you score on this deal.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Spinach Strawberry Smoothies

I am always trying to find a way to sneak healthy food into my boys diet, especially my toddlers. My littlest one doesn't want to be spoon fed at all. He also doesn't like the texture of alot of fruits and veggies on his fingers, so cutting them up for him to feed himself is not an option either. So I was excited when I saw this smoothie recipe but wasn't sure how it would really taste. Well it is DELICIOUS. I used a few more strawberries in mine and my strawberries were fresh. But the amazing thing is that both my toddlers loved it. You will have to go try it for yourself. Plus it is a healthy treat for me as well!! YEAH! Go here for the recipe.

$25 Gift Certificates for $2

Go to to purchase $25 Gift Certificates for only $2.00. Enter Discount code: SAVOR at checkout. This offer is good through Sunday, February 28th. Once you purchase a gift certificate, it stays in your account (you need to register first) for one year. When you are ready to go out to eat, you just print your gift certificate and go. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

FREE StoneyField Baby 3 in 1 meals

*UPDATE- I went to Walmart today and purchased the 3 in 1 meals. They were priced at $1.08 each. They had 3 different varieties. Final Price = $.08 ea. YEAH! I am thinking about using these in some muffins or smoothies. This would be a great way to hide some veggies from my little ones. Let me know if you have any other ideas.

Go here to print a $1/1 coupon (you must register first) for any Stoneyfield YO Baby whole milk yogurt. It has been reported that the 3 in 1 meals are priced at $1 ea. at Walmart. I have not verified this yet but plan to sometime this weekend.

Also, I was able to print 5 of the coupons. YEAH!. Let me know how many you could print and where you are purchasing them.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

HOT $.75/1 Betty Crocker Cake Mix Coupon

Betty Crocker has just released a $.75/1 Super Moist Cake Mix. WOW!! Last week Vons had these on sale for $.69. I wish we would have had the coupon then but I am sure we can find another fantastic deal to use this high value coupon with. I will definitely be checking the cake prices at Walmart and Target.

They also have released coupons for $.50/1 Brownie Mix, $1 off the purchase of a cookie pouch and a frosting tub together, and $.50/1 Wesson Oil.

When ever you see a high value coupon like this that you think you might need, print it quickly. Coupons like this don't last long.

FREE Johnsons Baby Shampoo

Johnson and Johnson has released a $1/1 Baby Shampoo coupon with no size restriction. This means that you can use the coupon to purchase a trial size of the baby shampoo. Most of these are priced at around $1 at Target and Walmart. I was only able to print one coupon per computer. Let me know how many it lets you print.

I love Johnsons baby shampoo and I love when I can get it for FREE.

Free Scrubbie Buddies

Johnson and Johnson has released a new coupon for $1/1 Baby Product (excluding trial sizes). You can use this coupon on the Johnson Scrubbie Buddies. They are usually priced at around $.97 at Target or Walmart.

We love these bars of soap at our home. The soap has a mesh covering, so they are easy to hold on to for little, slippery fingers. Give them a try!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

$4/1 Baby Basic Diaper coupon

Go here to print a coupon for $4/1 Baby Basics Diapers. I have purchased these diapers in the past at Smiths and Albertson's.

$.75/1 Goldfish Coupon

Go here to print a coupon for $.75/1 package of Goldfish Crackers. Remember Smith's has these as part of the buy 10 participating items and receive $5 off instantly. Goldfish are priced at $.88 ea. when you buy 10 items.

Final Price= $.13 ea.

FREE Chocolate Milk

Go here and enter the GREAT GALLON Give and you will be able to print a coupon for a free 1/2 gallon of chocolate milk when you purchase a gallon of white milk.

Smiths BIG GAME Promot AGAIN!!

Here is what I bought on my 2nd trip to Smiths. Remember that this promo doesn't end until 2/9. Go here to see the coupons that I posted previously. I will only post the new coupons here.

1 bag of Lays BBQ chips $1.78
1 bag of Tyson chicken nuggets $3.99
4 bags of Goldfish $.88 ea. and used $.75/1 coupon here. ($.13 ea. WAHOO!)
8 packs of cheese $1.49 each and used $1/2 coupons.
2 Kraft Singles 12 oz. $1.49 ea. and used $1/2 coupon no longer available
12 jars of La Victoria salsa $1.49 ea. used $4/2 coupons.
9 cans of Hunts Diced tomatoes $.45 ea. used $.35/3 coupons.
3 Krusteaz Bakery Cookie Mixes $1.49 ea. and used $1/1 coupon from 12/6 SS.

Final Total $20.00. YEAH!!!

Have you been shopping at Smith's during this promo?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Smiths BIG GAME Greats Promo

Here is what I bought today at Smith's. All of these items are part of the BIG GAME Greats promo. This promo runs until 2/9/10.
All prices shown are the promotional price. When you buy 10 participating items, you receive $5 off instantly. You can purchase as many groups of 10 as you want. I did 50 total items.

8 packages of Kraft Cheese (5 shredded & 3 blocks) $1.49 ea. Also used coupon $1/2 here & $1/2 in 1/24 SS
1 Quilted Northern Toilet Paper $5.49 ea.
2 Dreyers Ice Cream $2.49 ea.
2 Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi $.75 ea.
1 Electrasol $2.99 ea. Used $2.50/1 coupon that expires 1/31/10 - sorry!
8 boxes of Capri Suns $1.49 ea. Used $1/2 coupon here.
8 Sobe Life Waters $.49 ea. Used BOGO Coupon here.
1 box Post Raisin Bran $1.99 ea. Used $2/1 coupon no longer available-sorry!
2 Motts Applesauce cups 6 pack $1.35 ea.
3 packs of Goldfish Crackers $.88 ea.
6 Cans of Hormel Chili $.79 ea. Used $.55/2 coupon 1/24 SS.
4 Jars of La Victoria Salsa $1.49 ea. Used $4/2 coupons earned from entering codes of the jars at
3 cans of Hunts Diced Tomatoes $.45 ea. Used $.35/3 coupon in blinkie machine in front of tomatoes (Thanks Ashley for this tip!)

Grand Total $37.80 YEAH!!!

I will definitely be taking advantage of this promo again before it is over.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Free Betty Crocker Potatoes

Until Tuesday, Vons has Betty Crocker Specialty potatoes on sale for $.99 ea. Use the $1/1 coupon here to make them free. Remember you can price match this deal at Walmart.

*When I tried to print this coupon for myself, it said that I had already printed it. Please let me know if you try printing it and what it says for you. Thanks!

Vons also has Annie's Mac and Cheese on sale for $.99 ea. Use the $.50/1 coupon here.

They are also offering Chinet paper plates for $2.50 with the super coupon and $10 min. purchase. Use the $2/1 coupon from the 11/22 SS. You can price match these at Walmart so you don't have to have a min. purchase. Final Price = $.50 for 36 ct. lunch plates!

*While you are at Vons, be on the look out for 2 new coupon packets. I found the first one by the shampoo. It is packed with $26 worth of manufacturer coupons that you can use at any store. Then on the pasta aisle, I found the recipe/coupon packet called Simple, affordable meals filled with Vons store coupons which can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon.

$1/2 Kraft Cheese coupon

Kraft has released another $1/2 cheese coupon. Every time they have released this coupon, I have been able to pair this with a great upcoming sale to score on some inexpensive cheese. Print your coupons now and I will let you know when a sale come around.

Stock up on Diapers

The Krazy Coupon Lady tells you all about how you can get packs of Pampers for $3.33 ea. this week at Target. Go here to find out all the details. Las Vegas did not receive the Pampers Target coupon in our 1/3 RP but she will give you the details on how to order coupons.

Also, Walgreens is having a diaper deal on Huggies this week. Buy $25 receive $5 on Huggies diapers and wipes. The diapers are priced at $8.99 for a jumbo pack.
Deal Scenario:
buy 3 Jumbo packs $8.99 ea. = $26.97
use 3 ($2) coupons - $6.00
pay $20.97 oop
Earn $5 RR
like paying $5.32 per pack

* If you have the Walgreens Children's activity book that was available back in August, you can stack the $1/1 Huggies coupon in the book with the $2 manufacturer coupon. This would make your oop $17.97. Final price would be $4.32 per pack.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

FREE Wet Ones

This week, Walgreens has 40 pack Wet Ones on sale for 2/$4. When you buy 2 you will receive a $1 RR. Go here to print a coupon for $1.50/1 (you must take the pledge). Make sure you print two coupons.

Buy (2) Wet Ones $4
Pay $1 Out of Pocket
Receive $1 RR

Final = FREE

FREE Starkist Tuna

Until Tuesday, Smith's has Starkist Chunk Light Tuna Pouches priced at $1 ea. Go here to print a coupon for $1/1 Starkist Tuna pouch. Walmart also has these priced at $1 and a few Targets have them priced at $1.02.

Final Price = FREE

If you haven't used these pouches yet, they are great. No need for draining!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

$.24 Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste

At Walgreens this week, Colgate is priced at $2.99 ea. and you receive a $2 RR. Use the $.75/1 coupon from 1/3 SS or $.75/1 here.

Final Price $.24 ea. with coupon and RR.

Remember, if you plan on buying more than one, buy them each separately or you will not earn a RR on each.

FREE Soy Joy Bars at CVS

Now through February, CVS is offering their bonus packs with ECB's. These are usually a double pack of an item and on the package it states how many ECB's you will earn when you purchase the product. Each store has different items available.

Most stores received the 6 pack of Soy Joy bars. They are ringing up at $6 ea. and you receive $6 in ECB's (Limit 3). Because we do not have tax on food, you can buy the first package and pay $6 and receive $6 ECB. Then use that $6 ECB to buy the 2nd package and pay nothing and earn $6 ECB. Then do this a third time.

At the end, you will have 3 packs of Soy Joy bars and $6 in ECB's.

Great Deal!

$.50 Quaker Quick Oats

This week, Walgreens has 18 oz. cans of Quaker quick 1 minute oats on sale for $1.50 with in ad coupon. Go here to print a coupon for $1/1. This is a fantastic price.

Final Price $.50 ea.