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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Summer Frugal Fun List

It is officially Summer at our Home. I have compiled a list of fun, frugal activities to do this Summer. Come up with your own list and have a blast this Summer! Leave a comment with your favorite, frugal Summertime activity.

Here is the list:
Make Summer Journals
Set up a kids book club
Make homemade pizza
Have a picnic
Movie Marathon
Go to the Library
Make Smores
Have a Sleepover/Campout in your living room or back yard
Ice Cream Sundae Night
Water Gun fight
Make homemade milkshakes
Make treats for school office staff (they are still working for a portion of the Summer)
Race paper airplanes
Have a board game day
Go on a walk and collect "treasures"
Make homemade playdough
Run through the sprinklers
Go to a water fountain park
Play Tic Tac Toe with sidewalk chalk
Go on a bike ride
Give your kids disposable cameras and then make a photo journal
PJ day
Have a Park week- go to a different park everyday for a week
Water balloon fight
Make food from other Countries
Play with shaving cream
Teach your kids some new recipes
Sign up for the Summer reading program at the library
Make homemade ice cream
Play old fashioned games- jacks, hula hoop or hopscotch
Plant a garden
Make homemade popsicles

1 comment:

Kira said...

Thanks! These are all so cute, I can't wait to try tons of them out with my kids! Thanks for putting this list together. Kira