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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Free Shuttefly Photobook

*UPDATE- It appears that this code was sent to certain email addresses. You must have received an email to use the promo code. I realized that I had received this email in one of my junk email accounts and so I was able to order a book and take advantage of the promo. Check other email accounts that you might have. Sorry for the confusion!

Now until November 16th you Shutterfly is offering a Free 7x9 Photo Book with promo code MYBOOK (use at checkout). You do have to pay for shipping.

I have purchased these books in the past and have been very pleased.


Camille said...

I have about 4 free books (of course they all need to be used by next week!) and I started using Shutterfly's "Simple Path" and I LOVE IT!

My issue with other sites that will auto fill the book for you is that I like the pics to be chronological and the auto fill usually doesn't do that. Simple Path must read the dates on the pictures because they always end up in exact chronological order!

Love it!

Sarah Kay said...

This code did not work for me. Did you have success?