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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Walmart Deals

White Cloud 4 pack double rolls toilet paper $2 ea. used $1.25/1 coupon here. = $.75 ea.
(Note: This coupon will print three times per computer)

Carefree Liners $1 ea. used $1/1 coupon 4/25 SS = FREE

Bic Twin Set Disposable Razors $.97 ea. used $2/1 3/28 SS = $1.03 overage

California Pizza Kitchen for One $2 ea. used $1/1 5/2 SS = $1 ea.

Red Baron Pizza by the Slice $3 ea. used $2/1 coupon here when you become a fan = $1 ea.
(Note: there is also a rebate in 4/25 ss for up to $3.99, this would then be a money maker)

Thanks, Calling All Super Savers for the deal ideas and Keeping the Kingdom First for the White Cloud coupon!


Emelie said...

when my coupons printed they specifically excluded the 4 packs, didn't it beep at the store for you? I seem to have some problems with cashiers at walmart and I figure my luck, they'd reject it.

Nichole said...

Hi Emelie,
My coupons excluded the regular 4 packs. The packs I purchased are the 4 pack double rolls. The coupons did not beep at all. I hope that helps.

-The Frugal Chick

Nate said...

That pizza is the best! Coupons for it is better!