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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ad Match List for Walmart

Remember that all Walmart stores do not ad match to the Spanish stores. I have never had a problem at the stores by me, in the Northwest part of Las Vegas.

Go here to print a copy of the Walmart AD Match policy which states that you do not need a copy of the ad with you to receive the competitors price.

Prices Valid September 21-27 unless otherwise stated.

Buylow Supermarket

10 lb bag of potatoes $1

Roma Tomatoes $.33/lb

Gala Apples $.50/ lb

Fresh Spinach $.50 ea

Bartlett Pears $.33/lb

Cucumbers $.25 ea

1 lb bag carrots $.33 ea

Wednesday, September 21st only

Bananas $.25/lb

Marianas Prices Valid until Monday September 26th unless stated otherwise

Nectarines $.33/lb

Bananas $.33/lb

Green Grapes $.50/lb

Hass Avocadoes $.50 ea

Bosc Pears $.50/lb

Oranges $.25/lb

Wednesday, September 21st only

Brown Onions $.10/lb

Jalepeno peppers $.25/lb

Saturday, September 24th only

Gala Apples $.33/lb

Sunflower Market Prices Valid Until Wednesday, September 21st

cilantro $.50 ea

Hass Avocadoes $.50 ea

Fresh Green Beans $.88/lb

Green Bell Peppers $.49 ea

Marketon- formerly Kings Ranch Prices Valid Through Monday September 26th

White Onions $.25/lb

Red Grapes $.79/lb

Green Onions or Radishes $.25 ea

Broccoli $.50/lb

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hendricks14 said...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, AND THANK YOU! I used your one from last week it was wonderful! I passed it on to a friend too. We are both smiling! I know it is a lot of work so I wanted to let you know I appreciate it. How are you liking Somerset?