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Friday, May 15, 2009

Target Deals

Here is what I got at Target this week:

Kraft Miracle Whip (bought 1) $2.54 ea.
used $1/1 coupon Here and $1/2 Target coupon Here
Paid $1.04

Kraft Mayo (bought 3) $1.99 ea.
used $1/1 coupon Here and $1/2 Target coupon Here
Paid $.49 ea.

100 Calorie Packs (bought 4) $2.04 ea.
used $1/1 coupon Here and $1/1 Target coupon Here
Paid $.04 ea.

Ritz Crackers (bought 1) $2.89 ea.
used $1/1 coupon Here and $1/1 Target coupon Here
Paid $.89 ea.

Ritz Bits Crackers (bought 1) $2.79
used $1/1 coupon Here and $1/1 Target coupon Here
Paid $.79 ea.

Kraft Cheese (bought 2) $1.97 ea.
used $1/2 coupon Here and $1/2 Target coupon Here
Paid $.97 ea.

BBQ sauce (bought 2) $.99 ea.
used $1/1 coupon Here

Sobe Life Water (bought 4) $1.00 ea.
used Buy one Get one Free Printable
Paid $.50 ea.

Dial Hand soap (bought 5) $1.00 ea.
used $.35/1 coupon from SS 3/8
Paid $.65 ea.

Purell Hand Sanitizer - Travel Size (bought 4) $.97 ea.
used $2/2 Printable

Total OOP (out of pocket)

*Okay, now I have to ask if any one is having issues using coupons at Target besides me. Most Target stores are fantastic. But there is one that is really giving me issues. They will take the exact coupons that I am trying to use from some one else and not from me. It is driving me crazy. Is any one else having Target issues? Please comment!


Amy said...

The Target on Sky Point is not coupon friendly! I finally called yesterday and asked them to tell me their coupon policy. They will let you buy three of each item, but if a cashier thinks the deal is "too goood to be true" they can deny the coupon. I have decided to boycot that one because they are always giving me trouble, and other couponers I know. I drove out to North 5th and they were much better.

Nichole said...

I love the Target on N 5th and I can't wait for the Target on Decatur to open. I am also boycotting the Target on Sky Point. My shopping experience yesterday was very unpleasant. I am glad to know it isn't just me that is being treated so rudely. Thanks for the info.

-The Frugal Chick

Tennille said...

I have found it's a hit or miss with Target. When the shower cleaner first came out I went there wuth a 5 dollar off coupon and they said they wouldn't take it because it was "printed" and therefore could have been faked. After a little verbal schuffle I got my 5 dollars off. (This was a Target in California but I have had friends in Maryland have coupn issues aswell)
I used to love Target but between their coupn policy and their return policy I shop there less and less.

Henderson Highlights said...

I'm heading out...wish me luck! I'll post the outcome!

Jaclyn said...

I just got back from Target on Sky Point (Wednesday, May 20th)thought I would press my luck. I have to say that it was not too bad. They have changed their rules again. You all were reporting 3 coupons per item well they just had a big meeting and have changed it to 1. So you cannot buy 3 Ritz with 3 (M) and 3 (target) you can only buy 1 Ritz and use the 2 coupons 1 (M) and 1 (Target). They seem to be understanding the pairing of M and Target coupons though. My checker was going to do 3 different transactions until some guy came along and said it was per day. So, I said I would be back tomorrow and they could have fun putting all my stuff back:) Oh well, still a great deal. Guess we will be making a few trips to target.