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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

US Bank Promotion

The US Bank promotion is running again. From now until June 5th, open a Free checking account at any in-store US Bank location. Deposit at least $75 in to the account. Once you receive your Visa Check Card, purchase $75 worth of groceries or gift cards. (You have until July 5th to make this purchase). Take your receipt to the US Bank branch and they will credit the $75 back to your account. FREE GROCERIES!!

The best idea is to purchase a $75 gift card and then be reimbursed. That way you can use the gift card when ever you need to shop. Contact your nearest in-store US Bank location for more details.

Last time this promotion was going on, a lot of people were able to take advantage of this great deal and are still using their gift cards.

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Jaclyn said...

You should put a thing on your site so we can email you. This does not go with the US Bank deal but I just had to share....

Albertsons has a deal buy 1 5 pack kraft mac and cheese for 5.79 get one free. On the boxes of mac and cheese are a coupon for a free 10 pack of capri suns. Also, a $2 cat with print out. I rolled it. My first was 5.79 plus tax and the next 2 were 3.79 each plus a $2 cat. Awesome deal! does that make sence? Check out make sure you read the comments.