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Friday, August 28, 2009

$1.20 Target Trip


I didn't have time earlier to post my coupon situation, so I wanted to post it now so you can go get some of these frugal deals.

$1/1 Gerber feeding accessory Target coupon for the bottles ($1.00 ea.)
$1/1 General Mills cereal Target coupon for the cereal cups ($1.00 ea.)
$1/1 Skittles crazy cores Target coupon for skittles ($.52 ea.) You make money on this one!
$1/1 Johnson's Toiletry Target coupon for Johnson's Buddies Soap ($1.12 ea.)
$1/2 Pop Tarts manufacturer coupon found in Rice Krispies box and $.75/1 Poptarts Target coupon ($1.52 ea.)
$1/1 Kellogg's Cinnabon manufacturer coupon here and $.50/1 Kellogg's snack Target coupon ($2.00 ea.)
$.50/1 Yogo's manufacturer coupon here and $.50/1 Kellogg's snack Target coupon ($1.75 ea.)

Also, at Vons earlier this week, I found Kellogg's coupon booklets. There was a coupon that for $2/1 loaf store brand bread when you buy 2 Yogo's. I used 2 of these coupons for my bread. The bread was priced at $1.29 ea. so I made money on this one also.

I hope that helps some of you! Let me know if you have any questions or if you have any other frugal Target deals!

Here is what I got today at Target for $1.20.

2 loaves of bread
4 boxes Kelloggs Yo Gos
2 boxes Kelloggs Cinnabon granola bars
2 boxes Kelloggs pop tarts
4 Lucky Charms cereal cups
4 Skittles
3 Gerber Baby Bottles
3 Johnsons Buddies Soap

Target is such a fun place to coupon. I love using both the manufacturer coupons and Target coupons together, especially when the items are on sale. Go HERE to print Target coupons. Right now there are a lot of coupons for baby items.


Jaclyn said...

Wow..Good work! I am still afraid of Target. I hate the sound of beeping!!!!!! What is the deal with the Yogos? Macey loves them.

Sarah Kay said...

I got the hard-core checkout lady who wouldn't push coupons through (or modify prices or take multiple coupons, etc.) the other day so I went without. boo! But I have my coupons printed, so maybe I will try again later.

mokeymomma said...

Would you mind telling us which Target you frequent? The 95/215 Greatlands is totally out of the question! I had some success at the new 215 & Decatur store today to score the Glade Scented Oil candle tins . . . $0.48 for 3 tins ($1.50/1 Q inside tin) for $1.66 on sale and the buy tin get refill free from the 8/23 SS.

Nichole said...

Hi Mokeymomma,
I have had great luck at most stores, except the 95/215. I rarely step foot in that store. The Boca Park store in Summerlin is priced higher on a lot of the items. I love the N 5th store and 215/Decatur. Today I shopped at the 215/Decatur. I Hope that helps!

Thanks for the information about the Glade Scented Oil Candle Tins. I love when my readers share great deals!

-The Frugal Chick

PoorMom said...

I have a target coupon class coming up (free) with my meetup group . 9/12/09 at 1pm

Jaclyn said...

I went to the Decatur/215 and they were super nice but would only let me get one per transaction. She said her computer would not allow her to do more. I suppose I could have asked her to do multiple trasactions but I did not want to wait for my free cereal cups and skittles. I forgot my kellogs coupons Ahhh! No yogos for Macey:)