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Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Sister's Albertsons Trip!

My sister also had a successful shopping trip at Albertsons. I have talked to a lot of you this week and it seems like a lot of you had great success with this "voucher" sale. If you haven't taken advantage of it yet, there is still time. The sale ends Tuesday night. If you don't have manufacturer coupons for the items, you can go to the following websites and print off "printable" coupons. Betty Crocker, Pillsbury or Box Tops for Education. You can print each "printable" twice. If you have access to multiple computers, you can print more coupons there. This is how my sister was able to stock up on Progress soup. She printed coupons using her husbands work compters. Here is what she was able to get:
26 - cans of progresso soup
4 - 24 oz. can of Progresso Bread crumbs
3 - Grands Biscuits
4 - Go Gurts
1 - Sugar Cookie Pouch
1 - Chex Mix
1 - Chex Mix Bars
2 - Mentos Gum

30 - cans of Progresso Soups
4 - Mentos gum

Paid $23.00
If you don't have an Albertson's ad to see what the participating items are, go to there website and look it up.
Good Luck! Add a comment if you have a question.

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