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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

CVS Tips

1. You need to apply for a CVS card. It is a free, store rewards card. You can pick up an application at the register. All ECB deals can only be earned if you have a card.
2. ECB = Extra Care Bucks. This is like free CVS "money" to be used on your next purchase.
3. Register your CVS card on there website and receive coupons emailed to you.
4. Each week I look at the store ad to determine what items earn an ECB. I then see which of these items I have a coupon for. After I purchase these items, I will earn ECB's (which are printed at the end of your receipt) to roll into my next purchase. Once you begin, you will continue "rolling" ECB's into more deals that earn ECB, thus, spending very little money out of pocket.
5. There is always a limit on each ECB offer. Check the fine print under the deal.
6. Always scan your card at the coupon machine located at the front of the store when you enter the store. The machine will print out various coupons. Last week, it printed one for $5 off $15 order. Because of this, I was able to purchase: 1 Irish Spring Body wash, 1 Colgate Max Fresh toothpaste, 1 Dry Idea deodorant and 3 bags of Hershey Kisses. I paid $1.63 out of pocket and earned $10 ECB to use next time.
7. All ECB's and CVS coupons that are printed either on your receipt or from the front machine, are linked to your card only. You cannot give these coupons to someone else to use, they will not work with their card.
8. Start CVSing on a good ECB week and then keep going from there. I always pay less then $2 out of pocket for any purchase I do at CVS and I am always stocked on our toiletries.
Let me know if this answers the questions everyone has had concerning CVS and if you have any more.

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