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Monday, March 9, 2009


My transaction #1 today at Walgreens

3 jumbo packages of Huggies Gentle Care Diapers
- Buy $25 worth of huggies diapers get $10 RR
- I purchased 3 packages using the $5/1 coupon on each package. Total was $15 for the 3 packages and I earned $10 RR to be used on another purchase.
-At Walgreens, you can not "roll" the RR from one offer in to the same offer. I have RR stocked up from last week that I used for this purchase and I will be using the $10RR I earn this week to purchase stuff next week.

5 Glad Sense and Spray
-Sale Price $7.99
- I used $4/1 coupon from the Walgreens Easy Saver Catalog (available at the front of the store) and you only need one coupon per transaction. The amount will come off for each product you buy. Just make sure as they scan the coupon that the correct amount is deducted.
-Then I used a $4/1 coupon from the SS 2/8 for each Sense and Spray.
-Piggy backing these two coupons allowed me to purchase these for FREE. I just had to pay the tax.

2 Garnier Fruictis Shampoos and 2 Garnier Fructis Conditioner
-Sale Price $2.99
- I used a $2/1 coupon from the Walgreens Easy Saver Catalog
-Then I used a $1/1 coupon from various RP for each product.
- Final Price FREE

My Total for this transaction is $10.76, which is mainly tax.

I will be going back for more diaper transactions later. They were all out of the size I need. Comment and let me know how you did or if you have any other questions about Walgreens. Walgreens can be a little tricky. You just have to learn the "rules" and then have at it.

8 comments: said...

What is RR? said...

Were you able to buy this all in one transaction? or did you have to split it up to use all the coupons? how did you get 5 of the glade things? said...

are you saying there is a $5 off coupon on those packs of diapers? so you really got them for free when you factor in the $10 they give you toward your next transaction? sorry...i am just trying to figure out how you do things here! this is exciting! said...

ok, i think it get the glade thing. if you have one of their store coupons it works for each of the products your buy, not just for one? do they scan the coupon? or is the price just changed in their computer already, like a sale?

and did you have 5 of the smart saver coupons? said...

is the walgreens easy saver catalog the same as the one that comes in the mail each week? said...

i don't have the smartsource coupons from 2/8. but i found a printable coupon for buy one get one free. so, i would be able to get 2 of them for $4, right?

Jen said...

Hey Nicole!
You can use the RR on the same products of the promo, but you won't get another RR - that's the trick. I am trying to get my camera up and running again & I will post my Walgreens snag too... check it out:
(way cute site by the way)

Tonya said...

The diaper coupons work on any Huggies diapers. I used them to buy regular Huggies because I think there were a few more per pack. Anyway, great deal!