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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Walgreens Questions Answered

What is a RR?

RR stands for Register Reward, which is like free Walgreens money to be used on your next purchase. The only rule is that if you use a RR from one offer, if you "roll" it again into the same offer, another RR will not print.

For example, I bought the diaper deal using RR from last weeks purchases. I went back today and did the diaper deal 2 more times using more RR from last week. I now have RR from the huggies diaper deal that I can use next week on new RR items. Or I might decide to just use them up on diapers because they are such a good deal but I will not earn any new RR.

Do you have to split your purchase up into different transactions?

Yes, you have to do one diaper deal at a time. Register Rewards (RR) will only print one time per transaction on a particular offer. You can get RR on different offers in a transaction.

For Example, last week Walgreens had RR offers on Colgate toothpaste, Blink eye drops and Vaseline lotion. I had multiple coupons for these items. In each transaction, I bought one toothpaste, one lotion and one bottle of eye drops. I continued doing transactions until my coupons were done.

What is an Easy Saver Catalog?

This is the catalog at the front of the store, by the weekly adds. This gives you more Walgreens coupons that can be used for the month and information on the rebates offered for the month.

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