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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Old Navy Clearance deals

My sister and her family went shopping tonight at Old Navy (Best of the West location) and noticed some great deals.

Women's clearance clothes are an additional 50% off. They have a huge display of men's boot cut jeans marked at $9.99 ea. They also have men's loose fit jeans marked at $6.97.

Go check it out.

Thanks for the information, Tori!


Yoakum said...

One of my friends went yesterday too, they had men's dress shirts originally $35 on sale for $7!!!! I need to get there!

Jaclyn said...

Make sure before you go you get a coupon from Old Navy Weekly. I actually got a 75 off a $100 last week. I was so excited! The funny thing was I had a hard time getting my total to 100. Their is usually always at least a 15% off your total purchase all the time on their.