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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip

Here is a picture of my weekly shopping trip. This is the first time in weeks that I have went on a real shopping trip. We have been so busy the last few weeks and our cupboards have been so full (thanks to stockpiling) that I have only needed to go grab a good deal here and there over.

My first stop was Albertson's to take advantage of the General Mills buy $25 receive $10 catalina. Also, right now, if you purchase Pillsbury Dough products you will receive an additional catalina. These catalinas are good on your next purchase.

Buy any Pillsbury Refrigerated Baked Goods btwn 10/5 - 11/1 and save

Buy 3 get $2.00
Buy 4 get $2.50
Buy 5 or more get $3.00 OYNO
All items must be purchased in one shopping order. expires 11/1/2009

I spent $33.00 at Alberstons and here is what I bought:
4 Yoplait Gogurts $2.50 ea. used $.40/1 and $.80/2 coupons here.
1 Chex mix $1.67 ea. used $.50/1 coupon here.
2 boxes Cheerios $2 ea. used $1/1 coupon here.
1 box of Total cereal $2 ea. used $.75/1 coupon here.
2 Gold Medal Flour $2 ea. used $.50/1 coupon here.
2 Progresso High Fiber Soups $1.67 ea. used $1/1 coupon no longer available. Go here to print $1/3 coupons.
1 Kashi Go Lean crunch cereal $3.69 ea. used $3/1 coupon (I received this in the mail from vocal point)
1 Welch's Strawberry soda priced at $.79 over the weekend
3 A&W rootbeer priced at $.79 over the weekend
2 loaves of Sara Lee 100% whole wheat bread $1.99 ea. used $1/1 tear pad coupon located right in front of the bread.
2 Albertson's butter priced at $1.67 over the weekend
2 Pillsbury Crescent rolls $1.67 ea. used $.50/2 coupon here.
3 Pillsbury Grands Biscuits $1.67 ea. used $1/3 blinkie coupon.

Earned $10 catalina from GM promo and $3 catalina from Pillsbury promo.

The ad states one per customer on the GM promo so I did not roll my catalina in to another transaction like I normally would.

Next I went to Walmart. I don't normally shop at Walmart, but the rest of the items I needed could easily be priced at Walmart. That way I wouldn't have to drive around to different stores.

I paid $47.94 at Walmart and this is what I bought:
2 Pepsi wild cherry 2 liters $1 ea. (price matched from Smiths)
Golden Delicious apples $.39/lb. (price matched from Vons)
2 gallons 2 % milk $2.09 ea. (price matched from Smiths)
2 (8oz) bricks of cheddar cheese $.99 ea. (price matched from Smiths)
1 box capri suns $1.49 ea. (price matched from Fresh and easy or Vons)
1 bag Tyson Chicken Nuggets $4.98 ea. used $1/1 coupon from 10/11 SS
1 box Keebler Toppers crackers $2 ea.
1 package of baby snacks $1.72 ea.
2 Yoplait Delights yogurt $2 ea. used $1/1 coupon from 9/17 SS (eat better America supplement)
1 gallon Vitamin D milk $2.19 ea.
1 package of baby wipes $1.88 ea.
1 package of Huggies diapers $8.97 (I forgot to print a coupon. Oh well!)
2 (18 ct) eggs $1.32 ea. used Buy one Get one Free coupon no longer available
3 avocados $.50 ea
2 lb. bag of carrots $1.28 ea. ( my kids prefer the big "bugs bunny" carrots)
Bananas $.39/lb.
1 package of string cheese $2.84 ea
White cloud 4 roll toilet paper $2 ea. used $1/1 from Parade insert weeks ago
1 can vegetable shortening $3.82 ea. ( a must have for my mother in laws chocolate chip cookies)

We are now more than set for the week. We have meat and other necessities already stockpiled. We spent $80.94. Great Week!

How did you do this week?

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Tori Klein said...

I love seeing what you buy and the coupons you use... it gives me great ideas for when i go shopping! Thanks!